The Immersive world

The platform/world:
An established platform so that we can build the world quickly that helps utilise mobile capabilities - BA to research and outline possibilities
Procurement to establish tendering process - urgent to brief Paul Hopkins ASAP. ROR to call meeting and seek his advice.
Scaleable and able to be delivered to low bandwidth areas (and/or run a local version of server)
An environment for innovation that utilises the powers of the community to build and progress it (built in workflow & QA)
  • Avoid proprietary where possible - open platform and standards but those who have worked ideally in education and understand learning needs
  • Needs to support mobile delivery of some functions (social media functions)
  • Audio (proximity) and video
  • Theatre and break-out rooms (including 'mental-health' room)
  • Integration with Sharepoint social networking functions
  • Presentation plug-ins (e.g. embedded slide-share, IWB/paint wall, youTube etc...)
  • Tracking progress (including assessable components) and travels in-world (background scripting)

Look and feel - Funky but professional concept with a lively look and feel

Professional Learning Leader is responsible for how teachers and leaders learn together, what is learnt and how the experience is managed in-world
Learning Platform Leader is responsible for architecture of the world and will coordinate the work of the Business Analyst. BA will produce technical business requirements -including developing the documentation for tendering process

The 'courses' - goals and what people will do:

Harnessing ability to script and build

Technical information

Common setup methods for virtual worlds:
  • Browser-based -typically Flash with 3D plugin - totally dependant on the internet connection for all data. Admin access for plug-in install (typically small in size)
  • Application-based - the engine is a seperate installer - some resource burden is local and world content is via the web. Requires admin access to install application.
  • Commercial game model - the engine, textures, models etc are all installed locally. Only position and action data is transmitted over the web. Requires admin access for a very large install.

Considerations for all of PLANE environment: