There's a discussion thread going for questions we have of Jo prior to meeting on Wed 15th.
  1. Running OpenSim on Port 80. I have played around with this, it appears each region may need its own port number. Any info regarding configuring in the DET environment would be great.
  2. Why Hippo and not Imprudence viewer?
  3. VW on mobile platforms:
Second Life has a mobile application but a strong community will see an application develop for OpenSim
  1. Using Unity3D plugin in the browser as a viewer. Knowledge about HTML non-plugin viewing.
  2. Integration with content/learning management systems.
  3. Lessons learnt about world layout and design.
  4. 3D modelling formats and techniques.
  5. Lessons learnt about designing effective learning for participants.
  6. Working with Reaction Grid.
  7. What's the next big thing in VW we might have to cater for.
  8. What are the most successful things you have done in a VW?
  9. How would you advise us to incorporate ideas of characters and gaming strategies into the VW experience?
  10. What is the best starting point?
  11. Can you demonstrate some examples and describe the design and development including timelines?
  12. What do you advise we do to gain a critical mass of educators in a VW?
This page is for ideas generated from the meeting and any links/content Jo or Dean want to add.

What are the skill sets for developing in-world?
  • Grid management is the most important thing to establish (an internal person and outsource the out of hours support)
  • Scripters with C# skills
  • Builders use the in-world building tools + Photoshop: scallops in OpenSim 0.7 beyond the primitive model but not fully meshed - built in Blender. Create inn 3D studeio max, export the sculpt, scripts are translated to a sculpted prim is done using PrimStar. Jo Kay is a builder. We will need a team of builders.
  • Sim designers (learning designers), sculpt artists who work in 3D studio Max and mesh. Google sketchup requires mesh programming but not available in Open Sim yet. Mesh is a high-end skill and is a new market skill.