PLANE project outcomes:
  • Developing the skills, knowledge and experience for teachers to become more confident practitioners in embedding ICT into teaching and encouraging students to use ICT productively for their learning.
PLANE project output:
  • A professional learning world for educators where they can go and try things out, develop their skills, dip-in/dip-out, connect with others, take part in formal structured and just in time and just enough learning.
The above is from PLANE workshop participants 22 Nov 2010

Objectives from proposal:
The project will be task focused and flexible, allowing participants to choose from a range of learning experiences including courses, forums, resources and collaborative sharing opportunities based on their identified needs. This approach ensures that in-time, anywhere, anytime professional development is available to teachers and leaders at all career stages and all levels of ICT competence to realise all of the objectives of the key result areas.
Improving capability of pre-service teachers
Learning opportunities will:
  • develop participant’s ICT proficiency
  • increase understanding of its use in enhancing student learning outcomes
  • align to teacher education course work and professional experience placements with schools.
  • enable collaboration and sharing with other pre-service and in-service teachers.
  • be developed in collaboration with teacher education institutions.
Enhancing capacity of in-service teachers
Every teacher will:
  • have opportunities to improve their use of ICT to enhance quality teaching and quality student learning by building competence in utilising a range of current and emerging technologies
  • collaborate in developing innovative approaches that harness ICT for student learning in the context of the Australian Curriculum.
  • use online self-evaluation tools to identify learning experiences at the level of professional development that will meet their needs.
Driving innovation through leadership
The evaluation tools and learning opportunities will:
  • enhance leaders’ skills to strategically plan to inspire and guide the whole school community.
  • enhance knowledge and capability to lead innovative ICT teaching practices through school analysis, planning, evaluation and capacity building.
  • align to the National Standards

Also consider PLANE project vision:
Also consider PLANE project mission, principals and guidelines: