Project Mission:
A rich experiential learning journey that harnesses the power of immersive multimedia technologies to transform teaching and learning experiences.
  • Innovation, transformation and change
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Multiple pathways
  • Anywhere
  • Anytime
  • National framework curriculum and leadership
What it is?
  • It borrows strongly from game-based learning. It uses a narrative or storyline that is authentic and relevent to the teacher or leaders learning journey
  • and is goal oriented but chunked for learning success
  • It provides a range of levels to suit all learners
  • It engages the learner in 'doing' and is therefore active construction and problem-solving... a fuzzy issue to solve through a series of smaller problems
  • Pushes the learner to go beyond what they currently know or can currently do
  • Collaborative with learners providing support to each other to solve teaching and learning issues
What it isn't?
  • Distance education courses delivered through a learning management system.
  • One form of media, passive learning, drill and practice
  • low-level flash interactives

PLANE project principles and guidelines:
PLANE project proposal:

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