PLANE project research

Platforms to consider:

How to choose an OpenSim hosting company:

To mobile device:
What advances are we seeing in the integration of immersive worlds with mobile devices?
Second Life has a mobile grid client and an iPhone/iPad app called ‘pocket metaverse’

Research into serious games and immersive worlds:

Game-based learning: a different perspective

Linden Labs and Second Life…

The Serious Games Institute (UK) is based out of Coventry University:

Blogs with focus on immersive worlds:
Virtual conference (in 2nd life) that has good ideas to explore.

Presentations and videos:
Tom Chatfield: 7 ways games reward the brain

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research
This volume focuses on education in virtual worlds:

International Journal of Emerging technologies and Society


Examples of the application of VW & GBL in Professional Learning (not just teachers)

A VW (some GBL elements) for future Psychology practitioners to experience schizophrenia:


New South Wales



South Australia


Northern Territory

Western Australia


Quest Atlantis


Thinking Worlds


Open repository essential

Richard's Concepts so Far
- once in to system no need to re login
- video has big load but if it is housed in CMS,
- chat is in virtual world
- if moodle is LMS, then Sharepoint will become file repository for moodle
- can have a number of systems interacting with each other
- one login only where possible
- CMS may be public face
- mulitple layers from first login

Professional Learning in Virtual Worlds - Lessons from the Literature

Final report of the MUVENATION project . There are also several publications and many resoucres which have emerged as part of this project. Organisers were Margarita Pérez Garcia of the Menon Network and Steven Warburton of Kings College, London + several others. There is a lot of social media stuff (slideshare presentations, netvibes etc on this and related projectes such as LL3d (lifelong learning 3D).

Attached is a paper teasing out findings in the literature in the benefits of learning in virtual worlds, potential barriers, general advice and advice on instructional design.

This is the first of two papers. The second will look at lesson from the literature on games based learning